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6 Unique Concert Experiences presented 2 ways!

1. Very limited IN PERSON socially distant seating
2. New LiveStream Programming

We get a rush just thinking about all that is possible when we don’t stop. We won’t stop

We look forward to a reimagined season with our community of supporters, musicians, and audiences.

Our hearts go out to everyone during this time of uncertainty.

Please join us in our mission to continue connecting and inspiring, no matter the circumstances.

Camarada offers concerts infused with culture & connection providing a joyful escape from the flurry of everyday life. Camarada musical experiences transport you above the mundane into an oasis of community and connection.

Camarada concerts include a broad and eclectic musical repertoire, including fresh interpretations of familiar classics, rediscovered gems, and new works commissioned especially for our audiences. Performances combine great music, great musicians, beautiful spaces, and a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages camaraderie between performer and audience. Collaboration with artists in the visual arts, dance and theater complete the artistic experience of a Camarada concert. Performing in intimate venues in the San Diego area, Camarada creates a musical environment that uplifts audiences and provides San Diego with a cultural energy that is vital to a healthy & vibrant community.

Concerts At Your Home

Many people are searching for one-of-a-kind, intimate cultural activities, Camarada offers musical experiences to elevate and replenish you to meet the world with a higher vibe. Contact us for more information.

Concerts @ The Conrad

Camarada's Conrad Performing Arts performances offer excellent acoustics in San Diego's premier concert hall featuring ultimate cultural experiences.

REMIXX @ Bread & Salt

Camarada’s REMIXX concerts showcase a fresh blend of local artistry combining music, performance, and art. presented in Barrio Logan at Bread & Salt, a former bakery now gallery space, these concerts pair local musicians with local artists.

Camarada Highlights

Camarada offers concerts infused with culture & connection that transport and provide stillness from the flurry of everyday life.
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Camarada @ The Athenaeum

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Camarada @ The Conrad

VIP Performance Opportunities

Just tell us what you want – we have the concert for you!

For discerning music lovers seeking a more intimate, and cultural experience, Camarada curates award-winning performances enhancing the connection between artist, venue and audience.