Camarada concerts include a broad and eclectic musical repertoire, including fresh interpretations of familiar classics, rediscovered gems, and new works commissioned especially for our audiences. Performances combine great music, great musicians, beautiful spaces, and a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages camaraderie between performer and audience. Collaboration with artists in the visual arts, dance and theater complete the artistic experience of a Camarada concert. Performing in intimate venues in the San Diego area, Camarada creates a musical environment that uplifts audiences and provides San Diego with a cultural energy that is vital to a healthy & vibrant community.

Mingle Concert Series

Balboa Park
Camarada’s Mingle Concert Series champions stellar chamber music in the colorful setting of Museum of Photographic Arts, which is located in the heart of Balboa Park.  Evenings begin at 6:00 pm and feature a 90 minute program with intermission.  During the evening you can mingle with the artists and fellow audience members while sipping wine and viewing the museum’s art of the people.

REMIXX Concert Series

Barrio Logan
Camarada’s REMIXX Series showcases a fresh blend of local artistry combining music, performance, and food. Presented in Barrio Logan at Bread & Salt, a former bakery now gallery space, this series pairs Camarada with local artists. Enjoy a multi-sensory boutique performance, browse an experimental art exhibit and join in the local tastings to complete your underground artistic experience.

Cabernet Concert Series

Private Home Galas
Camarada’s Cabernet Series transports you back in time, recapturing the magic of a classic Soirée, in the comfort of private homes.  You will enjoy fine wines, delectable dinners, warm camaraderie and intimate chamber music. Evenings begin at 6 pm with a tasting of world class wines, followed by a gourmet bistro dinner, concert, and dessert and coffee reception together with artists. Limited seating.