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Camarada Video of the Week
Only Love by Jordan Smith
featuring Jackie Foster
Jackie, Beth, Bridget, Abe, Dana, Fred, Matt
arranged by Dana Burnett
Dana and I fell in love with this pop song – Only Love by Jordan Smith sung by Poway’s Jackie Foster, “The Voice’ finalist season 2014. Jackie continues inspiring and uplifting audiences. This week she closed the North San Diego Relay for Life with her beautiful voice a fundraiser for cancer.
Excerpt from the lyrics:
Only love can look inside a human heart and see us for what we are.”
xoxo – Beth
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Only Love Lyrics:
How much more are we gonna take
How many nights do we have to lie awake
How many tears are we gonna cry
We can wish until the well runs dry
But what happens when the sky above
Runs out of every single shooting star
And what if every good intention’s only meant
To go so far
Only love, only love can save us now
Keep the world from burning down, down, down
To the ground, ground, ground
Only love, can look inside a human heart
And see us for who we are
And who we are would be enough
If only there was only love
Only love
Only love
Only love
How many lessons have we really learned
How many bridges could we cross instead of burned
Why do we find it hard to forgive
We’re so blinded that it’s easy to forget
Only love, only love can save us now
Keep the world from burning…