From FUSION @ The Athenaeum – Saltwater by Peter Sprague

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Saltwater by Peter Sprague from FUSION @ The Athenaeum

Peter, Fred, Beth, Gunnar, Duncan

Peter wrote this piece for me a few years ago for our concert with the same title – Saltwater Jazz. I let Peter know that I wanted to play my alto flute in the concert and this piece happened! So cool!

Peter tells a fun story about this music – it’s kind of spooky. I’ll do my best to retell the tale.

In junior high, Peter and his brother Tripp were in Hawaii with their Dad. One day they were allowed to take out the family boat to go surfing – way out in the ocean where the waves were breaking. Well, while they were having fun surfing – the boat hadn’t anchored and it started to drift away.

By the time they noticed the wandering boat – they had to make the scary decision of paddling out to the boat (over possible sharks…) or just swim back to the shore and tell their Dad that they lost the boat. They decided to swim after the boat….and this music tells the story.

This week I will present the entire program from “Rendezvous in Realtime” that we performed on January 17th, 2020 @ The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. Enjoy!

xoxo – Beth