From FUSION @ The Athenaeum – African Spirit Waltz by Peter Sprague

Camarada Video of the Day
African Spirit Waltz
by Peter Sprague
Peter, Fred, Beth, Gunnar, Duncan
This piece is part of the CAMARADA commission “Sanctuary Suite”, a three movement piece commissioned by Jennifer and Kurt Eve & Glen and Cornelia Feye.
“The theme of the piece is to sonically instill the idea of a safe haven, a sanctuary. This idea was galvanized after a concert Beth and I played for some teenage African refugees at a center in San Diego. This place was their sanctuary and they were rebuilding their lives after leaving dangerous situations in their homeland. They were an enthusiastic audience and afterwards we visited and I was inspired by their stories. Yes, they were somewhat typical teenagers, but I also sensed this deep appreciation they had for the fragility of life. They were starting anew.” Peter
This week I will present the entire program from “Rendezvous in Realtime” that we performed on January 17th, 2020 @ The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. Enjoy!
xoxo – Beth
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Below Photo: Julie LIcari Photography