for alto flute & guitar
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“I am loving the ocean/surf theme for

the music  of this concert.  Each rehearsal feels like a trip to Hawaii!  We will be testing the waters with Saltwater – this piece has quite a different feel, I haven’t pinned it down yet, but possibly we are hovering in a raft over shark infested waters?? It is hauntingly soulful and beautiful.  I love any excuse to pull out the alto. And I have to admit I LOVE play Peter’s version the Beach Boys Good Vibrations – pretty cool!”  Beth

“Both Fred and I are waxing up our guitars and getting ready to join Beth, Gunnar and Duncan for a night of incredible updated jazz surf music. What a ride -hope you can be there with us…hah!”  – Peter
“The hero for this upcoming concert is Jazz guru and surf master Peter Sprague. I love going over the new music every time we have a concert as it is a lesson in all things musical, and I get a glimpse of the muse that inspires Peter’s compositions. This time, a little Salt Water inspired the “stoke.”  Fred
After Concert Group Photo by Rick Sokol