We are so excited to present another collaboration with Holly Hofmann & MIke Wofford!

This evening is a dramatic fusion of classical meets jazz – fusing the flute prowess of Holly Hofmann & Beth Ross Buckley. This performance will feature classical music of J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and Frederick Delius and jazz compositions with a classical twist in the style of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet, arranged by pianist Mike Wofford and vibist Jim Plank. MJQ was a jazz combo established in 1952 that played music influenced by classical, cool jazz, blues and bebop. Living legends in the world of jazz – Hofmann & Wofford will perform a bebop version Richie Powell’s Powells Prances changing up the pace with a classical twist. Join Camarada for an evening of exciting sound fusion rooted in the alignment of jazz and classical flute.

Holly Hofmann & Beth Ross Buckley, flutes  Mike Wofford, piano  Gunnar Biggs, bass  Jim Plank, vibes  Duncan Moore, drums